Instrumental License Agreement:

Exclusive and Lease agreement


Exclusive Agreement

1. Exclusive Beats: Instrumentals that have not been previously used.

2. Buyer receives 100% rights to use instrumental.

3. Buyer can make changes to the beat.

4. If buyer decides to make changes, must list Big Grime as one of the producers.

5. Buyer can transfer rights to another person or persons. Buyer must notify Big Grime of the transaction stating the person or persons named and contact information.

6. Royalties are paid to in the event the instrumental is used for commercial purposes.

7. Buyer receives all the individual wav track stems to the beat.

Lease Agreement

1. Buyer can use beat for non commercial use.

2. Buyer receives one track mp3 

2. Buyer can not alter the beat.

3. Buyer can not resell or transfer rights in any form.

4. List credit as the source of the instrumental


Free Beat Agreement

1. You can only use the beat for demo and not sell part or whole beat

2. If you plan to distribute or sell you must contact us for pricing

3. You do not have exclusive rights

4. You do not have leasing rights

Have any questions contact us