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A student of music 

No matter how much you know. Stay a student. It's a never ending journey. Creating the next masterpiece is like anything in life. Growth overtime with a lot of hard work. Keep studying and play hard.

Is using ghost writers cheating? 

Historically in Hip-Hop, if you did not write your own lyrics it was considered cheating and you were not a real MC. In recent years,  many of your most popular rappers began using ghostwriters. Artist in other genres has used writers to create albums for many years. So this is not a new idea.  

But why are hip-hop different? Hip hop artists are not just performers. They are also poets. And what good is a poet who doesn't write his own material? Hip-hop has changed into a genre of entertainers and not poets In this day and time, using ghostwriters is not cheating, it's just the way of the times. If you consider yourself just an entertainer, then ghostwriting is okay and accepted. If you want to be a poet, then you need to learn how to write your own work. Because that is what people who love hip-hop, and the soul it gives, want to hear.  Your feelings, your talents, and your emotions, not a mechanically structured product.


If you want to learn more about songwriting. I recommend How to write songs that sell check it out. I'm surethis will up your game

Song Writing Process by Big Grime 

Here is my take on the process of writing lyrics. There is no rules to writing. Just like any form of art you can be as creative as you want to be. In the video I am showing you how i go about writing lyrics from scratch. Feel free to comment your ideas on writing lyrics. Love to hear other methods.


How to use recycled intro in song arranging 

Using Recycled Intros

The intro to a song can be the chorus, verse, or pre-chorus without the vocals. When you use recycled intros, the listener gets a preview of whats to come. When that part comes around, it's a familiar sound making the listener feel more comfortable. If the listener hears your song many times, it gives them an opportunity to sing the hook for example before the song starts. If you choose to use words, use them only at the end of the line in the way you would record adlibs. Experiment with ways of using recycled intros.