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Web sites like Facebook allow you to upload your music, pictures, videos and other things for free. I see a lot of producers using them as their main websites. They allow you to do many things for free. However, that will never beat having your own site. Why may you ask? Facebook was not created for you to be successful. It was designed to draw you in so they can advertise to you. That's it! Web sites like Facebook know they have to be entertaining to keep you coming back every day so they can advertise to you. They can't run a major site like that giving away everything for free. So they charge for advertising. Social networks do offer value because you meet people from around the world. Social networking is great for first contacts. But don't try to cram pictures, videos, and music all on one page. Put just enough on there to make them go to your real site. Get your own site! That might be scary for some people who don't know coding. Bandzoogle offers templates so you do not have to code. You might be thinking it must be expensive. Nope! I just went to and saw you can upgrade to VIP membership and it is only $9.95. Use those sites as marketing tools to your own website and be your own Soundclick or Facebook.

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