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This page is dedicated to my favorite musical tool(Korg M3). Sounds, tutorial videos, and blog post.

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Should you add EXB-M256 to your M3? 

The exb-m256 will allow you to use all the extra free PCM piano and orchestra sounds korg gave us at the same time and use more of your own samples. Without the M256 only one of the PCM sounds bank for korg can be loaded at a time. You have to load them up every time you turn on and off your M3. The PCM sounds can be setup up to load automatically(not instantly) when you turn on the Korg M3. Your samples you will have to go in and load. If you do not desire to use your own samples nor do you want to load PCM piano and orchestra sounds Korg gave us for free then there is no need for this expansion. I still recommend you get the expansion anyway. It adds value and you never know when the extra ram will be need in the future.

Korg M3 - How to assign my tracks (sequencer mode) to individual outs 

1. Page select
2. P8-1 IFX Route1/1-5
3. Look at the track you want the effect on. You will see a arrow and L/R under it by default. Change that to the effect slot you want to use.
4. go to IFX Setup tab on the same screen. Setup the effect on the IFX slot you want to put the effect on.
5. in the same IFX slot you will see the bus section. You will see a arrow and L/R under the bus section by default. Change that to the output of choice. You then should be able to hear the out of the bus(output) of your choice and the effect. You can then go back and adjust the effect how you like it.

Korg M3 - Sound Design Tip# 2 Turn piano into a percussion  

Korg M3 - Sound Design Tip# 2 Turn piano into a percussion
1. Go to Stereo Bright Piano EX3
2. Page Select
3. P8/IFX page
4. Route Effects 3 into effects 4
5. For effect 4 select the Mod/P.Shift tab.
6. Select Pitch Shifter and hit OK.
7. Change mode to fast.
8. Change pitch Shift [1/2tone] to -24
9. set Wet/Dry to 98:2
10. Lat you can adjust the Amp1 EG to shortening Decay. Give it a little more like a percussive sound. That's it comment on what you think about. Or what could be done to improve.

**** Hold down the Damper petal and play with the pitch on the joystick to add character **********

Korg M3 - Sound Design Tip# 1 Piano trick 

Korg M3 - Sound Design Tip# 1 Piano trick
To achieve a bigger sound on the korg M3 piano. I use the stereo Pro Piano preset on the Korg m3.

1. Click page select
2. Touch P2 OSC/Pitch
3. Touch OSC2 Basic tab
4. in the bottom left corner you will see Oct. This will adjust the octave up or down. If you preffer a brighter sound. Octave up. If you are looking for a darker ound Octave down.

*****Since this preset do not use the PianoBody/Damper effect you can add this as well. I love the Grand Piano 2 preset. *****

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